Preventing Suicide – National Prevention Week 2020

ThereHelp.ThereHopeThe existence of suicide is not a terminal condition. Society is not powerless to respond to an act that ends life prematurely. In fact, many people have made it a mission to bring suicide into the light. Countless lives have been saved through campaigns of awareness for mental health care and suicide prevention. Knowledge, awareness, and empathy are the requirements for effective suicide prevention. You can be one of these people.

Populations worldwide are opening their minds and hearts to recognize the truth that suicide is a preventable, not an inevitable, event. Research, programs, and organizations have been developed that are providing the information and tools citizens need to boldly step forward to save a life teetering on the edge of loss. These developments are supported by local, state, and government organizations to end a stigma that pushed mental health and suicide prevention into a dark closet. This stigma is breaking down as people realize that maintaining mental wellness applies to everyone. This stigma is breaking down as people see suicide as preventable.

New York State is helping to lead the with suicide prevention being currently ranked 49th for suicide death rates in comparison to other states in the U.S. Though suicide is the 10th leading cause of death nationally, and the 2nd leading cause of death for ages 15-34, the steps being taken to break the silence and make it safe for anyone to ask for and get help are making a positive difference. “For every person who dies by suicide annually, there are another 280 people who have thought seriously about suicide who don’t kill themselves, and nearly 60 who have survived a suicide attempt. And, the majority of these individuals will go on to live out there lives”.


The act of suicide is complex. Suicide is not the result of one event or dark moment. Suicide occurs because of a combination of factors that overwhelm the mental and physical strength of a person. These factors are known as risk factors and warning signs.


You have greater strength and power than you may realize to reach out and save a life. Knowledge, awareness, and empathy are the tools you may already have. Trainings, organizations, and online resources are available to empower you to confidently reach out and save someone’s life.

If your life or someone you know is in immediate danger, CALL 911

  • Provide help and support; listen
  • Stay with the person until assistance arrives
  • Remove any objects that may used for harm
  • For additional help call:
    • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline- 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
    • Allegany County Crisis Hotline- 1-888-448-3367
    • Crisis Text Line- text “hello” to 741741


Great Online Resources:

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention


Ardent Solutions Network



National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

PPAC Central

Seize the Awkward

Suicide Prevention Center of New York State

Suicide Prevention Resource Center








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