Communication Frustration during COVID-19

What makes working in Allegany County so charming is that face to face discussions is still the best way to communicate and educate community members in Allegany County. Unfortunately, during COVID-19 many of our community events have been cancelled or, due to agency policy during this time, employees have not been able to be out and have a physical presence at farmer’s markets and other local activities. COVID-19 has also affected Partners for Prevention in Allegany County(PPAC) just like other agencies. Fortunately, the coalition has had a digital presence through their website and social media, which includes Facebook: PPAC Central, Instagram: ppac_central , and Twitter: @PPACcentral. On PPAC’s social media, you can find information on initiatives, events, activities, and contests.

The coalition is also adding a podcast, which is titled “585 Prevention”. Most of the podcasts will have a prevention theme, but flexibility exists to highlight any topic the coalition members would like to discuss and promote. The purpose of the podcast if to give community members the opportunity to learn about different prevention initiatives and local resources at their leisure. 585 Prevention will be distributed to many popular podcast apps, such as Spotify and Pocket Casts.

The hope is that through all these different means of communication, residents of Allegany County are still getting the messaging and information from local agencies. The biggest message is that “We are still here and working to make our community a better place to grow, live, work and play.”

More information about the coalition can be found at , please follow us on any of the social media platforms that you use to see what is going on with the coalition and in your community.

Remember Prevention Works!

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