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Whether you’re about to welcome your first child into the world or it’s been a few years since you’ve given birth and you’re looking for a quick refresher, this guide is for you. Review the resources below for some tips, resources, and important advice that will prepare you for raising a child through every major stage in his or her life!

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Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

The first few years of a child’s life are the most important, but they’re also some of the most trying. The following tips will help you to give your child everything he or she needs during these first few years of life, while also helping you to keep your sanity. 

Becoming a new mom is super scary, so if this is your first rodeo, explore these helpful tips. The toddler years can be particularly tough; learn how to survive this time of growth. Look into fun, entertaining and educational activities for preschoolers. For fun and learning, do some educational animal watching in your own backyard. Many parents dread leaving their kids to go out, but you can find a qualified sitter who puts your mind at ease.

Grade School Children

When children enter grade school, they begin to experiment with thinking independently and creatively — and they learn to gain self-control of their impulses and emotions. You can help to promote your child’s self-control skills. Different kids enjoy different things; here are some after school activities to engage all personality types. Also take steps to set aside battles over doing homework. Some kids struggle with socializing, but you can help.


Parenting a teenager is rarely easy, but learning how to talk to your teen about difficult subjects like sex, drugs, schoolwork, and curfews can help you to build a stronger bond with your child.

It’s important—but awkward—to talk about sex with teens, but a few conversation starters help. Drugs are another tough conversation worth having, and these tips help. It’s also crucial to teach kids about the dangers of smoking. If your teen is being bullied or participating in bullying, intervention is possible and necessary. Learn how you can help your teen be successful in school. For everything from homework to homeschooling, a dependable laptop or tablet is a must.

Young Adults

As your teenager applies to colleges and prepares for his or her high school graduation, there are a few things you can do to help your teen study for exams, select the right college, and make mindful decisions for the future.

Help your child get ready for the ACT and SAT. Selecting a college is a challenge; learn how to positively influence that decision. Graduation is an exciting and scary time, and you can support your child through it all. Now you transition to parenting an adult; here’s how to get it right!

As a parent, there are so many different things you need to learn in order to give your child the best chance at a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. While it would be impossible to include all of this information in one short guide, these tips and resources will be a good starting point as you begin to navigate your journey through modern-day parenting.

Written by Kristin Louis. To find more of Kristin’s articles visit Parenting with Kris.

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