Hairdressers Alliance for Youth

 It’s time to Makeover a Mind along with Making over a Look!

 ~Maggie, LaGra Salon and Day Spa~

Our mission:
Hairdressers Alliance for Youth is committed to providing vital information and encouragement of healthy decisions to our young clients to prevent underage drinking and drug use. Hairdressers are often the last people young people see and connect with before they are off to a memorable dance or prom. You are in a unique position to potentially prevent harm or even save a life.

You will:

  • Improve connections and communication with clients, fellow hairdressers, and the community regarding issues on substance abuse.
  • Work in collaboration with Partners for Prevention in Allegany County.
  • Help to provide current and relevant information on local resources.
  • Each of us has opportunities to positively influence our young people!

How do I get involved?
We will send you a memorandum of understanding where we agree to support one another and to meet kids where they are at, encouraging them to make good decisions, and promote drug free communities. You send it back in and we put your name up on the website.

What are we required to do?
Start talking & listening just like you already do! You do not have to attend meetings, although you are most welcome! You just have to continue to do what you do so well; connect with your clients, especially young people and parents. Let them know you care about them, and encourage them not to drink or do drugs, not to host underage them in case you run across someone who needs a little more help.

Be sure to know the facts!
You can help point them in the right direction.  Do not pass inaccurate information.
Come here to our website and look around…visit other links, and get to know the issues, the signs of substance abuse, and have local crisis numbers available to your clients, just in case.