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For years unused or unwanted medications have been disposed of down drains, which results in them ending up in our local water supplies, rivers and lakes.

Using a Pill Drop Box for your unused or unwanted prescriptions is COMPLETELY anonymous and confidential.

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Pill Drop Ad Bolivar-Wellsville 4.2018

Pill Drop Flyer April 28, 2018


2017 Pill Drop Location and Take Back Results:

  • 1867.1 pounds of total medications taken back.
  • 14,203 controlled medications kept off our streets and out of the hands of our youth.


Allegany County Pill Drop Locations:


Alfred State University Police

Theta Gamma House

10 Upper College Drive

Alfred, NY 14802



Allegany County Sheriff’s Office

4884 State Route 19

Belmont, NY 14813





Cuba Police Department

15 Water Street

Cuba, NY 14727




Fillmore Pharmacy

10560 State Route 19

Fillmore, NY 14735



Jones Memorial Hospital

191 North Main St,

Wellsville, NY 14895


Jones Memorial Medical Practice

120 First Street

Bolivar, NY 14715


Wellsville Police Department

46 South Main Street

Wellsville, NY 14895


Non-Controlled Drop Box:

Alfred Pharmacy

36 Main Street

Alfred, NY 14802

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Is our Medicine Cabinet Safe (English)

Is our Medicine Cabinet Safe (Spanish)

Map of Allegany Count Pill Drop Box Locations

Medicine Cabinet Inventory (English)

Medicine Cabinet Inventory (Spanish)

Pill Drop Brochure

Prescription Safety (English)

Prescription Safety (Spanish)

Stop Rx Misuse

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