Radio Ads

Partners for Prevention in Allegany County collaborate with local media outlets to increase awareness of prevention issues important to our community.  The following playlist is some examples of what we have created together!

Oftentimes, the stations provide considerable in-kind donations so that our local activities and prevention messages can be easily and frequently heard by their viewers.  We wish to extend our gratitude to our media partners, which include WZKZ 101.9, WQRW 93.5, and WJQZ, 103.5 stations.

Drinking/Drugged Driving

Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana

Drugged Driving 1

Drugged Driving 2

Know More Before You Pour

Super Bowl

St. Patrick’s Day

Memorial Day

July 4th

Labor Day





New Years

Family Matters

Family Matters 1

Family Matters 2

Pill Drops

Spring Pill Drop 2016

Fall Pill Drop 2016

Pill Drop Interview Linda Edwards and Vicki Grant

Pill Drop Interview Deb Miller and Josh Hyde

Positive Messages

Be Yourself 

Nobody is Perfect 

Stress is Normal 


Boating or Recreational Vehicle Driving Under the Influence

Community Survey

Don’t Drink While Pregnant


Froggie “Don’t Smoke!”

High Influence 


Natural Helpers


Prescription Drug Abuse

Suicide is Not the Answer


Underage Drinking

Allegany County Tipline

Hairdressers for Alcohol-Free Prom and Graduation


Prom and Graduation 1

Prom and Graduation 2

Supportive Communities

Teen Drinking

Underage Drinking Town Hall Meeting