Alcohol and State Lands

Alcohol and Drugs on State Lands and Parks

Allegany County is fortunate to have over 60,000 acres of NYS DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) managed lands within its boundaries.  These areas are available for the enjoyment of residents and visitors year round.  As the warmer seasons approach, opportunities to use your state lands include hiking, camping, fishing, paddling, horseback riding, hunting, picnicking, nature watching, biking, and the increasingly popular geocaching.

DEC Forest Rangers encourage the safe use of state lands; and it is their job to protect both these resources and the people visiting them.  Underage alcohol and drug abuse in these scenic areas can lead to the degradation of the land and water; and can place impaired drivers on the roads.  Forest Rangers are police officers, and patrol these remote areas day and night to prevent these types of situations.  As with anywhere else in the state, a person must be at least 21 years of age to possess alcohol when using the lands, and this law is strictly enforced at all times.

CubaLakeBook.2020Remember that the access roads in and around the DEC state lands have the same driver responsibility as any other public highway.  Laws regarding operating while impaired and possessing open containers of alcohol within a vehicle are enforced as with anywhere else.  Forest Rangers also participate at times with other agencies in DWI patrol details around the county, including checks of these areas.

Update to Brianna’s Law will now require all operator’s of motorboats to have a boating safety certificate. For more information on Brianna’s Law time frame visit the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Brianna’s Law

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