Family Matters

Family Matters is a subcommittee of Partners for Prevention in Allegany County(PPAC). This subcommittee focuses on the families of Allegany County. Their mission is to celebrate families and offer support, providing parents with tools and information to help them raise healthy, responsible children!

The group is composed of mostly youth serving agencies in the Allegany County that includes:  ACCORD Corporation, the Allegany ARC, the Allegany Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, Inc,(ACASA),  the Allegany County Department of Health, the Allegany County Department of Social Services(DSS), Berkshire Farms, Cattaraugus Community Action, Directions in Independent Living, Literacy West, Kinship, Reality Check, VOICES, and the Wellsville YMCA. Anyone is welcome.

Family Matters acts as an outreach committee to serve youth and families in conjunction with other community activities. It was formed to promote the importance of supervision and rules in the home, in order to decrease risky behaviors in children and teens.  Family Matters is always looking for community organizations and events to partner with, to reach out to families in need.

Why Family Matters?

Family Matters was formed in response to the outcomes of the Risk and Protective Factors Survey, which students in Allegany County schools are asked to complete in sixth, eighth, tenth and twelfth grades. One area of importance which came to light from the survey is supervision and rules in the home. The results of the survey showed that there is a disconnection between the perceptions of the parents and their children regarding state or implied rules in the home. The Family Matters group believes that the family unit is the most important for teaching core values to children, in order to decrease engagement in risky or harmful behavior.

Information presented by the Family Matters Group focuses on encouraging parents to create clear and consistent ruled in their home, and to spend quality with their children in order to strengthen family bonds. We share ideas and strategies to best help parents with this.

Chalk the Walk at the 2018 Balloon Rally

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Spend Time with Your Children

The most important way to connect with your kids and talk with them about important issues is to spend time with them.  Even with busy schedules, families should always find time to spend together!


8 Ways to Connect with Children, Teens, and Young Adults

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