Research shows that parents are still the number one influence in their children’s life.

Most youth state that their parents have never let them know how they feel about alcohol and drug abuse and many other activities that they would not approve their children participating in. The best way for parents to let their children know about their feelings with certain situations that may arise, is first communicate with their children.

As with all things with kids, one size does not fit all. This is especially true when talking with them about alcohol, your concerns and expeditions. What you say to a 9-year-old about alcohol is different from what you say to a 15-year-old.

A clear no-use message is the most e­ffective way for parents to help keep their kids safe from the many dangers associated with underage alcohol use. REMEMBER, children also can’t learn all they need to know from a single discussion. Lots of little talks are more     eff­ective than one “big talk.”

Kids constantly texting? Join them in their chosen way of communicating by texting them as well. Texting with teens is a great way to connect with them and continue communicating about alcohol and its risks. So text-away! You’ll be able to stay in touch, let them know you’re thinking about them, and remind them to avoid underage drinking.


2moro              Tomorrow

2nite                Tonight

BCUZ             Because

BRB                Be Right Back

BTW               By the Way

CYA               See Ya

ILY                 I Love You

JK                    Just Kidding

L8R                 Later

NP                   No Problem

OIC                 Oh I See

THX                Thanks

TTYL              Talk to You Later

Resources for Parents:

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How Alcohol Affects the Developing Brain

Parent’s Guide to Legal Drugs Kids are Using and Abusing

Signs and Red Flags of Alcohol or Drug Abuse

Talk2Prevent Parents

Conversation Starter

Making The Talk Count

Texting To Prevent

Family Day

Get Smart About Drugs




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