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Understanding How to Ride an Access Allegany Bus

Access Allegany has been working to improve transit service for the people of Allegany County since 2007. Our bus routes connect townships across the region, with stops in nearly every major employment center, shopping area and healthcare facility in the county. Our service is safe, efficient and reliable; our employees are professional and friendly; and our equipment is modern, clean and comfortable.

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ACCESS Allegany Code of Conduct

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Bus Definitions

Frequently Asked Questions

Mask Covering Public Notice

Waiting for the Bus

Schedule times can be affected by traffic and weather conditions, so you should plan to arrive at your bus stop about 5 minutes before the scheduled arrival time of your bus. If your bus is delayed, please be patient. If you are concerned that you have missed the bus or your bus is delayed, please feel free to contact the ACCESS Allegany Call Center at 585-593-1738. Buses should never leave early from a scheduled stop.

About Bus Stops

Stand at the bus stop or in the shelter. Do not stand in the roadway or at the edge of the curb. As your bus approaches, raise your hand to signal the bus operator. This will let the bus operator know that you want to board.

Identifying Your Bus

ACCESS Allegany is divided into 6 service areas. To be sure that you are boarding the right bus, check the bus number. If you are not sure that you’re getting on the right bus, ask your bus operator for help.

Boarding the Bus

  1. Let departing passengers exit before you board. If you think you might have difficulty climbing the bus steps, feel free to ask the bus operator for assistance. All the buses are equipped with lifts for individuals in wheelchairs or unable to board via the steps.
  2. Board the bus carefully and always use the hand rails for support when you enter or exit. Be careful when walking up or down the steps during bad weather and be extra careful if you are boarding with young children. The steps can get slippery during rain or snowstorms.
  3. After paying the fare, find a seat quickly and make yourself comfortable. The seats at the front of the bus are reserved for senior citizens and individuals living with a disability. Please move towards the back of the bus to allow additional customers to board. Please hold small children securely when the bus is moving. Do not allow children to walk around the bus unattended.


Daily Pass
  • Base Fare – $1.00
  • Older Adults Discount – $0.50
  • Individuals Living with a Disability Discount – $0.50
  • Children 6 Years of Age and Younger – FREE
Monthly Pass

30-Day monthly passes are perfect for individual riders who use ACCESS Allegany regularly. Month Passes can be purchased from the driver and cost $30.00. You can also purchase your Month Pass anytime online for $31.00(this includes a $1.0 service fee) If purchasing online, be sure to print your receipt and turn that in the next time you ride the bus and the driver will issue your Month Pass.

What to Expect When Paying Fare

Fare information is included on all ACCESS Allegany brochures and is included on all ACCESS Allegany promotional material. You can get fare information for any trip in our system by calling our ACCESS Allegany Call Center at 585-593-1738.

The bus fare is collected by the bus operator when you board the bus.

Pleas have the exact fare ready when you board. Our operators are not able to provide change.

This will speed up the payment process and make the trip faster for everybody.

ACCESS Allegany Routes

Service Area 1 Angelica-Belmont-Scio-Wellsville

Service Area 2 Bolivar-Richburg-Ceres-Olean-Wellsville

Service Area 3 Angelica-Belmont-Friendship-Cuba

Service Area 4 Angelica-Belmont-Belfast-Houghton-Fillmore-Short Tract

Service Area 5 Alfred-Andover-Whitesville-Wellsville

Service Area 6 Cuba-Hinsdale-Olean

ACCESS Allegany Welcomes ALL Riders

Accessibility – all ACCESS Allegany buses are equipped with a lift which is available for anyone to use at no additional fee. If you require assistance boarding of disembarking the bus, please ask the driver.

Our Commitment to Non-Discriminatory Services – ACCESS Allegany is committed to providing non-discriminatory service to ensure that no person is excluded from participation in, or denied the benefits of or be subjected to discrimination in the receipt of its services on the basis of race, color, or national origin as protected by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964(“Title VI”). To request additional information about Title VI, or if you believe you have been subjected to discrimination and would like to submit a written complaint you may contact: Allegany County Mobility Management Planner, 85 North Main St, Suite 4, Wellsville, NY 14895.