Family Day


Celebrated across the country every year in September!   Make Family Day something you look forward to more than just yearly!  It should be one of your top priorities!

Be Involved. Stay Involved.

Whether you are driving your kids to soccer practice, enjoying family dinner, or tucking little ones into bed, it is important to remember that those every day activities have a lasting effect on your children.  Each of these moments offers an opportunity to connect, share and really listen to what is on their mind.

As children age, it is vital to keep those lines of communication open, especially as they begin feeling increased pressure to start engaging in risky behavior including smoking, drinking or using other drugs.

During childhood and adolescence, using alcohol and other drugs can interfere with your child’s physical, emotional, and cognitive development and can cause serious and lasting damage.

The earlier and more often an adolescent smokes, drinks or uses illegal drugs, the more likely that adolescent is to become addicted.

Become a Family Day STAR!

I commit to:

S– Spend time with my kids.

T– Talk to them about their friends, interests and the dangers of nicotine, alcohol, and other drugs.

A– Answer their questions and listen to what they say.

R– Recognize that I have the power to help keep my kids substance free!

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Visit the official Family Day website at The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse.

Family Day Toolkit