Community Attachment

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Partners for Prevention in Allegany County works hard to create an awareness of the importance of community attachment. Research shows that the more a child is connected to their community, the less likely they will abuse drugs and alcohol or engage in antisocial behaviors, such as graffiti, fighting, or crime. Our coalition is dedicated to providing opportunities for families and youth to become more involved with positive social interaction.

In these days and times when everyone seems to have too much on their plate, or video games have too long run the house schedules, it is that much more important that community members all off ages participate in community based activities.  That old saying “it takes a village” means that all of us make a difference in the lives of one another.  For at-risk youth, this is especially true!

Some activities include the following: (more will be highlighted as this website is still under development)

  • The Bob Weigand Memorial 5K Run to celebrate Red Ribbon Week-Sponsored by Allegany Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse
  • The Allegany County Blizzard Buster Alcohol Free Winter festival-Sponsored by PPAC and the fun and energetic members of the Bolivar Richburg Trailblazers Snowmobile Club!