Positive relationships protect children from high-risk behaviors. Sometimes all it takes is #onecaringadult to make a difference.

Partners for Prevention in Allegany County (PPAC) is a proud partner of the Trauma-Informed Communities throughout Allegany County Coalition in creating a new initiative that supports adults in their role as mentors, coaches, and caregivers.

The project provides basic tips and strategies adults may use if they encounter a child who reports, or they suspect, of:

  • sexual abuse,
  • dating violence,
  • bullying,
  • online sexual exploitation,
  • sexually transmitted infections,
  • questioning their sexuality,
  • misusing alcohol and/or other drugs,
  • pregnancy,
  • mental illness,
  • toxic stress or academic stress, or
  • contemplating suicide.

So many of these problems are related to, or a result of, adverse childhood experiences that can last a lifetime. #onecaringadult equips community members with resources and information to help.

For further information on #onecaringadult, visit www.traumainformedalleganycounty.org.

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